SEO Link Building in 2022

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When it comes to SEO link building, there are several things to keep in mind in 2022. The first thing to keep in mind is that low-authority pages are not the best choices for your website. This is because low-authority pages will pass much less PageRank to your website. To determine the page authority of a website, use Ahrefs and Semrush. Once you have the reportedly used page authority of a website, you can then use that information to make your link-building strategy even more effective.

On-page optimization

There are many different aspects to on-page optimization, but the goal is to optimize your website in such a way that it will rank higher than the competition. While it is difficult to get a top spot on Google for a competitive keyword, by implementing certain strategies you can boost your search engine results. Below are a few strategies to follow for on-page optimization:

Optimizing your HTML code and content is an important part of on-page SEO. These factors help the search engines index your pages, making them easier to understand and serve to users. For instance, if you have a website with many pages, creating internal links between them will improve the SEO of the entire site. Additionally, it will increase the amount of relevant organic traffic that you get. This means more revenue for you.

Reaching out to relevant websites or bloggers

Getting links from relevant websites will improve your search engine ranking. It is better to reach out to relevant websites or bloggers than to send a generic email to every website you come across. Relevance is the key when it comes to SEO link building, and relevant websites will likely have an audience that is interested in your product or service. However, you need to do more than just reach out to them – you need to follow up and show that you are genuinely interested in working with them.

If you are planning to reach out to relevant websites or blogs for SEO link building, you have to understand the importance of creating high-quality content and developing a positive relationship with them. However, ecommerce sites have different link building strategies. For example, for ecommerce sites, you should focus on building links to valuable content on the site, such as blogs and other valuable content. You should also consider boosting category pages, which contain your most relevant products. Links from category pages can boost several product or sub-category pages.


Using newsjacking as an SEO link building strategy can have some impressive benefits. You can leverage your brand's popularity by contributing to trending stories. By participating in a news story before it is public, you can demonstrate your authority and expertise. The media attention you gain will reinforce your credibility, while creating a positive first impression. This link building technique also has a number of other advantages. To understand how you can use it in your SEO strategy, read on to discover how newsjacking can help your business.

A good newsjacking technique involves taking a controversial position. Although you need to be respectful and offer hard evidence for your opinions, doing so will earn you the right amount of exposure and credibility in the eyes of web users. By sharing controversial opinions and provoking discussions, you can outrank big brands online and gain credibility. Your content will gain more visibility, and it will be easier to generate links. It will also be easier to get more backlinks as well.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering for SEO link building is a new, but effective, way to boost your backlinks. While the process itself is relatively simple, it does require creativity. It aims to discover why your competitors are building links to their websites. To start, you should compile a list of your top 5 competitors and analyze their backlink profiles. If you find that they're getting the most backlinks to their websites, you can use the same strategy to build more links to your website.

Reverse engineering for SEO link building 2022 involves studying the competitors' websites to find out their secrets. The process is much easier if you know who your direct competitors are. Usually, your competitors are companies with similar products and services. Once you've found their information, it's time to contact them. Then, contact them and offer your services and products. These contacts can be valuable for your business.


When promoting your content, you must include keywords in the filename and include a description, or alt text, that describes the information provided in the infographic. This way, Google can read the description and present it in image search results. Also, make sure the infographic is under 1.5 MB, because users hate to wait for large images to load. Once you've created a compelling infographic, you can start promoting it!

To make your infographics more effective, think about gathering unique data that is related to your industry. If possible, you should mine data from your target audience. Public data is readily available from sources such as Pew Research, Gartner, or government agencies. Or, you can use survey tools to poll your social media followers and customers. For example, you can use the Twitter hashtag #linklovers to find out how many people follow a company.


With a $17.2 billion industry in North America alone, it's no wonder that crowdfunding is on the rise. In 2019, 6.5 million campaigns were run, and funds raised via crowdfunding platforms increased 33.7 percent year over year. In addition to its commercial applications, crowdfunding also offers incredible link building opportunities, both by naturally propagating links and exposure. Listed below are just some of the reasons crowdfunding is such an important part of SEO strategy.

Link building has a long history. Prior to 2015, link building was based on quantity. Nowadays, backlinks are more important than ever. Google considers backlinks as one of the most critical ranking factors. Luckily, this doesn't have to be difficult! The best SEO link building strategy relies on quality and relevant backlinks. While you don't have to be the biggest website on the Internet, building links for your site is critical for boosting your site's ranking in Google.